The indoor SUMMER PROGRAMME topics !

Here are the paintings for May 19th  "Virtual Surrey" - and one from further afield! (from lot r) Alan Brown "Coldharbour" (from Google earth), Brian Ingram "Leith Hill Tower, Late Afternoon ", David Monk "View of Shere", Pat Booth "Down the Track, Robbin Gate", Pat Wilson "Roaring House Farm, Norbury”, John Hess “Morning Mist near Shere”, Hilary Martin "Robingate Trees", Helen Campbell-Hart "Map of Coldharbour", Soraya Jones "Shere" and "Village in Winter", Nick Ward "Colharbour", Imogen Hartridge "Coldharbour", Colin Twinn "Shere", David Barnard "Highwayman's Haunt", Paul Thornton "Coldharbour", and one from Anthony Sparling "Ramsgate Marina June 19 @dawn". Thanks to all of you who sent work in, keep them coming in!


Tuesday 12th May

This week's topic is "In the Distance"

Contributions from (top L to R)

Annette Hall, Bill Hill's "View from the Kitchen",Brian Ingram "The City from Epsom Downs", David Monk "Kimmeridge Beach, Dorset", Hannah Wiggins Thirkhill, Helen Campbell Hart, Hilary Martin "View from the Conservatory", Jean Hollywood, Joanne Olney, John Hess (x2), Julie Earl, Molly Verity "My Sons Garden", Natasha Claridge, Nick Ward, Path Booth, Pauline Allbeury "Venice Canal", Soraya Jones, Tina Calcutt, Tricia Grant Clark, David Barnard "Wish I was Here", Paul Thornton "In the Distance"

Tuesday 5th May

This week's topic is "Up Close and Personal"

Contributions from (top L to R)

Annette Hall's self portrait, a surrealist response from Brian Ingram, Colin Twinn's Lulu, 'Memories of the Northern Line' by David Monk, Hilary Martins four legged friend, John Hess's three mornings in lockdown using iPad, pen and ink and watercolour, Natasha Claridges 'Cubs', Pat Booth's 'Bull', Pat Wilson's cat, a fun double topic painting by Paul Thornton 'On the Shelf AND up close and personal', 'Stag Beetle' by Pauline Allbeury, and two florals by Soraya Jones, "Up Close' by Norma Hitchcock, Joy Fraser "Up Close", Maureen Ford, Alan Brown, Verity Nicholls, Tina Calcutt, Denise Doran, Hannah Wiggins Thirkhill "Peering into the Pond looking for frogs"


This weeks topic is "On the Shelf"

Contributions from (top L to R) Anne Bryan, Annette Hall, Bill Hill, Brian Ingram, Colin Twinn, Hannah Wiggins-Thirkill, Helen Campbell Hart, Hilary Martin, Imogen Hartridge, John Hess, Joy Fraser, Marion Wilcocks, Norma Hitchcock, Pat Booth (1&2), Pat Wilson, Pauline Allbeury, Soraya Jones.


This weeks topic is "In Bud, Spring is Blooming"

Contributions from (top L to R)

Alan Brown, Annette Hall, Anthony Sparling, Brian Ingram, Denise Doran, Helen Canpbell Hart, Hilary Martin, John Hess (x3), Judith Aspinall, Pat Booth (x 2), Pauline Allbeury, Peter Crossley, Soraya Jones, Verity Nicholls. Joy Fraser, Paul Thornton.


The first subject is “Eggs” 

Contributions from (Top L to R)

Anne Bryan, Brian Ingram (x 2), Colin Twinn, Helen Campbell Hart (sculpture x 2), Hilary Martin, Imogen Hartridge, Joy Fraser, Natasha Claridge, Pat Booth, Paul Thornton, Pauline Allbeury, Soraya Jones, Tina Calcutta, Verity Nicholls

The usual 2020 Summer Programme is cancelled.