Members’ Workshops, Courses & Painting Holidays List of Classes and Tutors

Jane Anderson Wood - Watercolour Classes and Painting Holidays

Diana Croft - Drawing and Painting for all

Chris Forsey- Weekly Classes and Painting Holidays

Julia Hawkins - Figurative drawing tuition

Karen PearsonPainting Classes

Tessa SpantonWatercolour and Silk Painting Classes


Dorking Group of Artists data protection statement

The committee of the Dorking Group of Artists holds personal data in order to be able to provide information about activities undertaken by the Group. 


The information we hold is each member’s name, home address and where it has been provided, email address and telephone number. Occasionally, if someone has volunteered other information we may hold that as well. We also keep similar information on people who buy artworks from us in order to invite them to subsequent exhibitions.


The committee does not share the information it holds with anyone else.  It is the committee’s responsibility to keep individual sets of data safe and secure. They will provide details of the information held by the DGA on request, only to the individual concerned.


The committee keeps similar information about contacts with other local art groups and organisations which stage our exhibitions and host workshops and other events. Such information is subject to the same safeguards and conditions as that which we apply to our members. Where email addresses in the society’s records come from publicly available sources, such as company websites, local authorities, government organisations or similar sources readily available on the internet, the committee will not seek specific permission to hold the data.


Anyone whose data is held can ask to be removed from the DGA’s records at any time. Such requests should be made by contacting any member of the committee of the Dorking Group of Artists or by emailing the Chair at: