News from Members - activities and paintings from Lockdown!

Tony Watson has been doing detailed drawings of trees. He says "I wanted to do a series of ‘portraits’ of trees. Not just studies but pics that reveal a little of the ‘life’ of a tree. Some of the trees around us are more than a thousand years old! As well as recording the features of each tree, I’ve tried to incorporate something of their stories ( mostly real but some imagined) be it a map location in the branches, a hangman’s noose!, travellers tales or their place in secret trysts. Also by choosing to work in pencil, it means I can’t rely on colour to flavour things too much.  I like the economy of the graphite.
"Allerton Oak, Liverpool" This one has ancient standing stones and was a meeting place for a medieval court.
"Richmond Park dens" This is an ancient oak. I’ve often wondered about the sculptural formations of branches to be found around various trees in Richmond Park. I don’t know why they’re there or who put them there but they appear to be part of the trees themselves.
"Richmond park monuments" These three trees again feature but here the Dens seem to connect like some ancient monument. They kind of suggest an ‘important past’ with their own combined stories."  

Several members have painted portraits with Portrait Artists of the Week on Sunday mornings along with thousands of others

Jacky Cowdrey has painted an NHS Nurse

Here are some powerful new paintings by David Monk, which speak for themselves.

"The Night Watch", "Teamwork" and "Off to ICU".

Paul Middleton has been making drawings everyday around his house at the beginning of lockdown.

Happy New Year! First All Day Tuesday Workshop of 2020!

A full day workshop today led by Rick Holmes. Huge fun, lots of creative use of inks in the morning and then we built a New York cityscape in the afternoon.Thanks for a really happy and productive day Rick!

Fun Workshop for Christmas 2019!

The final meeting before the Christmas break of the Dorking Group of Artists was figure drawing. We were lucky to have Ragi who who not only modelled but also entertained us whilst we tried to draw his moving figure! It was huge fun, tricky but rewarding! Happy Christmas to all members!

"Splashy Seas and Rocks in Watercolour" - a one day workshop with Jane Anderson Wood

Edited Highlights from 2018 Summer Programme

The extraordinary Adebanji Alade!

Sketching fast and furious - with two wonderful models!

Soraya French All Day Workshop

Sorays is a hugely popular demonstrator , and we were packed out for her one day workshop on the theme of 'Gardens' - and some wonderful colourful paintings were produced!

Paul Simmons all day Oil Painting Workshop

A large group of members had a brilliant day with Paul Simmons, painting a cafe scene in oils - and some great paintings were produced! Thanks Paul!